About Olly

I’m a health and wellness coach…and I love it.  I help transform the culture of businesses, empowering staff to upgrade their resilience and energy.

Since September 2019, I’ve worked for the NHS in New Milton.  I coach patients (and sometimes our staff) with stress, anxiety, depression, type 2/pre-diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or combinations of the above, to improve their lives.

I’ve had lots of fulfilment and success with patients, helping them improve their health and happiness.  I’ve had to learn that everyone has a unique situation to deal with.  We all have different backgrounds, habits and limiting beliefs about what we can or can’t do.  We have different living arrangements, food and lifestyle preferences.  I like to think that everyone is a unique puzzle to solve.  It’s always possible to solve, and its always one action at a time.

With my experience of working within the NHS – all throughout the Covid and lockdown times – I’ve built a lot of experience up…helping people navigate the stresses of modern life – lockdowns and all.  A combination of empathy, support, accountability and a few other qualities have really helped further my coaching.

As a corporate health and performance coach now, I’m going upstream.  As within the NHS, the patients have already got to a point where they need assistance.  So my aim now, is to get to people in the workplace before they need the services of a GP or a coach in the NHS.

I’ve seen how people can create their own health solutions by removing the habits and actions that have created their sickness.

And, when you feel more able to deal with the stresses of modern life, you’ll have a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.  This can have a positive ripple effect on employees’ home lives too.


I live by example now.  I prioritise the basics of good health: sleep, food and hydration, movement, sunlight, positive stress management…and connections (to self, to nature, to the community, to friends & family)

But I used to think that I wasn’t enough.  Now I don’t.  Not in a selfish way…in a selfless way.  As I’m now in a position to help a lot of people prioritise themselves, and thus making the world a better place…one person at a time.

For about 15 years I dipped in and out of with depression and anxiety…because I didn’t feel like I was worth it.  In a world of self-comparison, I was never as good as my friends or as anyone else.  I was full of self-judgment, therefore I always judged other people accordingly…always seeing the faults in anyone else first, rather than their positive traits.

“Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you can possibly have.”  Dale Carnegie 

Along with a poor mental outlook,  I had really poor oral health for many years…with gum disease being a part of my life for about 10 years.  I failed to appreciate the importance of oral health to overall mental and physical health.  I used to consume many processed foods and drinks, with cooking being way down my list of priorities.  Due to my anxiety, I’d consistently grind my teeth whilst asleep, leading into more anxiety in the mornings.

Now I’ve completely changed my relationship with food – with the planning, preparation, cooking, shopping and eating of food now far more important to me.  All of my habits that go along with food have been vastly upgraded, leading me to now have far better dental and mental health.  Little changes over time really have had a massive positive effect on me.




Before my time in the health and wellness world, I worked in the adventure travel industry for 12 years.  Sounds glamorous, and sometimes it was, but I didn’t have that fulfilment that I have now.  Seeing somebody reverse their type 2 diabetes  because of my support, is so much more rewarding that going on a free holiday!

In late 2016 I quit my office job (and comfort zone) of 12 years, and headed to Nepal and India for 11 months.

I got away from western life and lived very simply.  By default, I  ate clean, unprocessed, freshly cooked food and hardly consumed any sugar.  I had  connections with amazing people.  I didn’t watch tv.  The only media I was exposed to were uplifting podcasts and youtube videos, along with many inspiring books.  I drank filtered water.  I had fun.  I got into nature most days.  I went to bed before 11pm most nights.  I learnt meditation.  I spent time with Buddhist monks.   I learnt and studied yoga.  I learnt to breathe properly.  I trekked the Himalayas.  I gained more self-awareness, self-compassion, creativity, self-confidence, clarity and a sense of purpose.  I had a detox from junk food, junk media, junk advertising and laziness.  The consequences of turning off the junk: I had far less negative thinking, my body changed shape, I feel a greater sense of clarity and purpose.  I have more energy.

I then went to Poland at the end of the year for a final adventure.  Cold exposure, breathing and mindset retreat with Wim Hof and friends.  (I’ve bored many a person about this experience.  Google ‘Wim Hof Vice documentary’ if you’ve not heard of this guy).

When I returned to the UK in December 2017 I had the realisation of the century: us westerners are experts in being unhealthy…all through habits that have been ingrained over years.  For the mind, body and soul.  We’re heavily influenced by advertising into believing we’re not enough as we are.  (That certainly worked on me for decades!)   We live in a culture that promotes the mass production and consumption of processed junk food & drinks, every day…multiple times a day.  We put the wrong fuel in our bodies…and what happens to our health?

“We’ve a food industry that doesn’t care about your health, with a health industry that doesn’t care about your food.”  Mark Hyman

And that right there is a big problem.  Drugs are used to control symptoms, but the root cause of problems are rarely solved.

If you improve yourself first, you’re in a better position to help other people.  So that’s what I’m doing now, one person and one company at a time.