Health is the outcome of the small choices you make on a daily basis.”  Frank Lipman.





Depending on the needs of the individual business as a whole, or to the individual employee, I can offer 4 options:

1 to 1 employee coaching.

If individuals are needing some private coaching, I can offer 1 to 1 coaching online or in person.  A block of six, 45 minute coaching sessions is usually the desired amount of time to get somebody moving in the right direction.


Structured team coaching.Four weeks worth of structured team coaching on the following topics:

  • All things food..hunger, shopping, preparation, cooking and eating.
  • Positive and negative stress management.   
  • How could you improve sleep?


A bespoke monthly retainer.  Once a month, you’ll have me for a full day or a half day, to coach on whatever your needs are at that time…individual coaching sessions, team sessions,  talks.  Hourly slots could be filled as you see fit. 


Lunch & Learn workshops.  An hour presentation and discussion, introducing you how to manage stress better, how to improve sleep, or how to reverse type 2 diabetes.









“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”   Joyce Meyer.