Olly made taught me more in 30 minutes about foods to improve my blood sugars, than 10 hours of the the National Diabetes Prevention Program did!  I’m already making positive changes to my health…finding the foods that I like that improve my sugar management.  Thank you so much!

Steven, Barton on Sea.



“Olly made me feel at ease straight away. He has this amazing calming positivity about him . He listened to me and slowly guided me through 12 weeks of ,I can only call, renewal. Olly helped me make small “doable” changes in all aspects of my daily life. There was no pressure as he helped me learn to respect and love myself. I now eat more healthily, walk more and breath. My stress levels seem to have disappeared as I discover myself. He also just “gets” middle aged ladies. Meeting Olly has changed my life completely. I can’t stop telling my friends about him.
I think everyone in my age group needs an Olly!”

Alison, Bournemouth


“Olly has a lovely kind nature and is such an approachable character which helps you to feel so comfortable in a non judgmental space. It is so imperative to feel this way when you are taking on health and life coaching. It is a time to be really honest about yourself, how you feel and be open.  Olly has helped me recognise habits and helped me to understand them better and take less
judgment on myself for having them. By making small positive steps forward to re-forming some of my habits and with Olly’s guidance and support, he has helped me to not feel so overwhelmed, which I have been in the past. Olly has given me teaching aids to be conscious in my daily thoughts and decision making to find a routine and way of life that works for me.  Olly’s coaching style is supportive, and professional and has helped me to break through patterns
of thinking and move forward to being the best version of me. He has had a huge positive affect and I would recommend Olly to anyone.”

Catherine, Romsey


“My time with Olly was extremely useful, I have been struggling with my weight for years trying numerous ‘diets’ with only short lived success. Olly taught me that thoughts and behaviours are what I needed to focus on and helped me do a complete 360 with regards to my relationship with food. I am now equipped with the tools to help me to stop negative behaviours, create positive ones and turn them in to habits for life.”

Helen, Bournemouth


“Olly has helped me to look at my lifestyle, and re-access my daily routine. My work life is very busy, and I don’t have much time to think about myself. Having Olly as a life coach has taught me that I need to take better care of myself, and he has given me the tools, and advise to be able to do this. All of what he says makes sense, and reconfirms what you already know; it’s just been forgotten about along the way. Seeing the changes over the past couple months has given me a new lease of life, and I see a healthier & happier future. You only have one life – let Olly help you to make the best of it.”

Ian, Yeovil


“Just completed a 12 week course with Olly Leicester. I met him just before Christmas while out with friends yet feeling inwardly completely lost. I took a chance as a way of finding myself and after researching him. Nothing I can say matches the changes I have experienced. I had complex deep seated issues literally stopping my happiness and affecting all my relationships. I didn’t know where to start and decided, unusually for me, to keep the faith and follow instructions, given with gentleness and compassion.
I listened, talked,  confessed to stuff that hadn’t seen the light of day. I was met with quiet positive guidance and direction. No judgement, no pressure, supportive energy and the start of the log jam in my head and heart breaking up. Now I know what self love and self care is, it is the core of our identity and self acceptance, but it is the DNA of our relationships and life, the warmth of which transforms toxicity into joy. I recommend Olly unreservedly; he has transformed me.”

Rachel, Bournemouth